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Tarpinės karnizinio tipo langams EUV/B

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Tarpinės karnizinio tipo langams EUV/B

Flashing elements:
A complete flashing for L-shaped combination consists of the following elements:
1 — flashing for roof window (without lower element);
2 — element joining both windows;
3 — sealing cover made of aluminium sheet;
4 — eaves side gutters;
5 — wind brace masking cut eaves elements;
6 — masking profile.



EUV/B flashings are intended only for a new version of B_L L-shaped windows. These flashings make it possible to join tightly a roof window of any structure installed in the roof with the L-shaped combination window fixed in the vertical wall.

Flashings are available in two types allowing installation of a roof window at two depths in the roof structure: V (0) and J (-3cm) – available to individual order. A standard installation depth of a roof window with the use of a flashing is V – EUV/B version.

The EUV/B flashing is universal and enables roof window installation in the majority of roofing materials (S, Z,H), whereas EUV-L/B flashing is used for roof window installation in plain tiles (2 layers 5 mm each).

The EUV/B flashing is adapted to installation of a single L-shape set as standard. It is also available in a module version allowing joining the L-shaped sets in horizontal groups. Installation range in roofs with pitches: 15° to 55° for V installation depth, 30° to 55° for J depth.



Constituents of the flashing:

The EUV/B flashing for L-shaped combination consists of flashing for roof window, elements for joining roof window with vertical window and metal cladding elements of cut eaves' parts 120 cm long.




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