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Stogo išlipimo liukas WSZ

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 WSZ stogo išlipimo liukas su tarpine banguotai stogo dangai. Skirti tik nešildomoms patalpoms. Stogo liukai komplektuojami kartu su sandarinimo tarpinėmis.


  • Frame is made of pine wood and vacuum impregnated.
  • Roof access window has a handle that helps secure the sash in three positions for ventilation.
  • Suitable for roofs with pitches between 15° and 55°.
  • Easy fitting system on battens.
  • Fitting kit included with the window.
  • 5 years guarantee.




WS roof access windows provide safe access to the roof for conservation and maintenance.

The roof access window has a top-hung design. The semicircular dome made of polycarbonate glass, opens outwards through 180° and provides easy access to the roof as well as good lighting.

The material has good resistance to weather conditions. The metal handle at the bottom part of the window enables the dome to be opened slightly to allow ventilation. Due to the low thermal insulation this roof access window is intended solely for non-inhabited interiors.

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Stogo išlipimo liukas WSZ
Kaina nuo: 120.63 €