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Sandarinimo tarpinė EZV-P

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EZV-P tipo tarpinė leidžia sandariai sujungti langą su banguotomis stogo dangomis, tokiomis kaip: profiliuota skarda, čerpės. Tai yra universali tarpinė, kurią galima naudoti ne tik banguotoms stogo dangoms, bet ir visų rūšių stogo dangoms su profilio aukščiu iki 45 mm. Standartinis montavimo gylis naudojant tarpinę EZV (0 cm).

Flashing elements:

1. bottom part of the flashing with an apron 165mm in length
2. side parts
3. aluminum strips to fix the flashing
4. top part of the flashing
5. gutter
6. sponge seals




EZ flashing is ideal for fitting windows with profiled roof coverings such as roof tiles and metal sheeting. It is a universal flashing which can be applied not only to corrugated coverings but also to all roof coverings with a profile depth of up to 45mm. It is applied to individual windows in the slope of the roof.

It may also be used as flashing for windows used incombination or groups. This flashing permits windows to beinstalled at three different levels in the construction of the roof :N(+3cm),V (0 cm), J (–3 cm)

The standard level for installing windows using EZ flashing is V – version EZV-P.

Can be used on roofs with a pitch:

  • from 15° to 90° for depth N and V
  • from 20° to 90° for depth J.

EZJ-P flashing can only be used with centre pivot windows.


Constituents of the flashing:
The flashing is made up off our basic elements. The lower element is finished with an elastic apron, which has a plastic mat glued to the underside allowing the flashing to adhere to the roof covering for a neat fit.

It has a weep flap which allows condensation to drain away from the window. It also incorporates side-sealing channels to provide protection against wind-blown dust, leaves, rain and snow.



external window frame dimensions [cm]               78x140 78x160 78x180 94x140 94x160 94x180
actual glazed surface [m2]              







window symbol               07 13 40 09 80 41






See fitting instruction
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Sandarinimo tarpinė EZV-P
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