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ZTC3iw with ZRC remote control

Technical specifications ZKC:

  • power supply voltage: + 5 V
  • power cable: three core 0.5 mm2


ZKC switch, when connected to ZTC3 control unit, enables local control of electric accessories and can also work as a receiver of infra-red signals sent by ZRC remote control. ZKC switch is able to operate maximum four 3-channel control units C3iw. It makes it possible to operate maximum 12 electric accessories with use of one KC switch. As a rule ZKC switch is programmed to operate one ZTC3iw control unit. In the package, there is 4m cable included which enables connection of switch with control unit. A single top push button gives a signal to the control unit. Additional push buttons on the switch are used to operate each of the three channels of the chosen control unit.

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