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Wooden loft ladder LWF - fire-resistant

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The LWF Fire-Resistant Loft Ladder acts as a blaze-block in the event of fire inside the building, thanks to its high fire-resistant properties, (EI2: 30 min).


  • fire-resistant section folding loft ladder made of pine wood
  • fire-resistance EI 30 minutes
  • white thermo-insulating hatch  equipped with an expanding gasket
  • after folding  hatch fits flush to the ceiling
  • equipped with stile ends and metal handrail
  • anti-slip tread profile



Maximum safe loading: 160 kg
Insulation coefficient: 1,1 W/m2K
Box hight: 14cm
Tread width: 8 cm
Distance beetween treads:
25 cm
Tread lenght: 34 cm
Tread thickness: 2 cm
Insulation thickness: 3 cm
El fire-resistance: 30 minutes
Ladder: pinewood
Hatch colour:




The LWF is perfect for installations subject to stipulations as specified in the building regulations. The unique special unloading mechanism eliminates the need for a lock.

The loft ladder hatch is equipped with an expanding seal which under the influence of high temperature increases its volume and prevents the smoke from entering the fire free storey.

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