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Pivot wooden window FTS-V U2

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FTS-V U2 - wooden window with air-inlet V10.


  • A popular window design with hinges positioned in the middle of its height.
  • An easy operation by the use of handle positioned on the lower part of the sash and secured open in
  • two positions.
  • FTS-V equipped with air inlet V10.
  • An easy and safe cleaning of outer pane and awning blind installation-thanks to the bolt enabling
  • blocade of the sash rotated through 180 degrees.




Installation range 15-90° Possibility of installing electrical control Wide range of accessories



Technical Specifications:

Window U-value: 1,4 W/m2K
Glazing U-value: 1,0 W/m2K
Rw coefficient: 32 dB
Glazing: 4H -16-4T      
Low emission coating: +
Inert gass filled panes:     +
Toughened glass: +
Air inlet type: V10
Air inlet air flow: 10 m3/h
Varnishing: one time
Seals: two
Multi-point opening: +
Handle: Standard



FT centre pivot windows are the most popular type of FAKRO roof window. The well-designed centre pivot allows the sash to be opened in a range of positions, thus increasing the amount of fresh air which can be drawn into the room. The sash can also be rotated through 180° and locked, allowing easy and safe cleaning of the outer pane to be carried out. Such pivot windows are operated using a two-part hinge.

As the air inlet is positioned at the top of the frame, FAKRO windows have a 6% greater surface area when compared with similar sized windows made by other manufacturers. As a result they maximise the amount of natural light in a room.

Non-standard window specifications, such as windows with automatic air-vents, are available to order: FTP-V/H, FTP-V/P.

Also available in conservation style.


external window frame dimensions [cm] 55x78 55x98 66x98 66x118 78x98 78x118 78x140 94x118 94x140 114x118 114x140 134x98 78x160
actual glazed surface [m2]














window symbol 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13


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Pivot wooden window FTS-V U2
Price from: 166.82 €