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Pivot wooden window FTP-V U3 Electro Z-Wave

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FTP-V U3 Electro  Z-Wave. Wooden window with air-inlet V40P electrically controlled.


  • aluminium-clad wooden pivot window with an integrated electrical system
  • operated by remote control
  • made of vacuum impregnated pinewood coated with colorless acrylic lacquer
  • has a 3-channel control unit with 24 V power adaptor, motor with 24 cm reach, rain sensor, remote control, contacts for easy installation of electrical accessories
  • equipped with V40P automatic air inlet
  • installation in roofs with pitches 15°-90°


Window U-value: 1,4 W/m2K
Glazing U-value: 1,0 W/m2K
Rw coefficient: 33 dB
Glazing: 4H -16-4T      
Low emission coating: +
Inert gass filled panes:     +
Toughened glass: +
Air inlet type: V40P
Air inlet air flow: 20-46 m3/h
Varnishing: Two times
Seals: Three




The FTP-V Electro roof window can be installed in any loft room. It is particularly recommended for those rooms where windows are installed at height and out of easy reach. The servo-motor extends to 24 cm making it possible to open and close the sash remotely. In the event of a power failure or when the external pane needs washing the motor can be easily disconnected by turning the handle through 90 degrees. The FTP-V roof window also has a built-in ZRD rain sensor which automatically closes the window at the first sign of rain. All window functions are operated with the use of a single remote control. The whole integrated window control mechanism (control unit and servo-motor) is contained within an attractive aluminium cover fitted in the lower part of the frame.

The FTP-V Electro roof window is factory equipped with a 3-channel control unit with 24V DC power supply and a ZC 24 servo-motor. It is also fitted with contacts facilitating the installation of electrically operated internal accessories ARF-E or AJP-E and external roller shutter ARZ-E. These accessories are adjusted to the control unit and operated with the same remote control.

The window can be installed on roofs with pitches 15 to 90 degrees. The FAKRO system allows Electro roof window installation in conjunction with standard flashings as well as standard internal and external electrically operated accessories. The procedure for installing an Electro roof window is very similar to that of a standard FAKRO roof window. There is no need to fit additional wiring as the window power supply voltage is 230 V. Simply connect the wire to the domestic power network, or insert the plug into a socket.

The FTP-V Electro roof window is manufactured like any other standard FTP-V window. It is equipped with a new, automatic, pressure air inlet V40P, which ensures the inflow of fresh air into the room at the optimum rate.



external window frame dimensions [cm] 55x78 55x98 66x98 66x118 78x98 78x118 78x140 94x118 94x140 114x118 114x140 134x98 78x160
actual glazed surface [m2]














window symbol 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13






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