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Wooden loft ladders

Wooden loft ladders LWS Smart
Code: SKU#1295529839

The LWS Smart Loft Ladder is a folding pine wood loft ladder, supplied with an insulated hatch door. The door is beige on the inside and outside.

Price from: 128.59 €
Wooden loft ladder LWF - fire-resistant
Code: SKU#1295598671

The LWF Fire-Resistant Loft Ladder acts as a blaze-block in the event of fire inside the building, thanks to its high fire-resistant properties, (EI2: 30 min).

372.00 €
Wooden loft ladder LDK - sliding section
Code: SKU#1295599915

The LDK Loft Ladder is a double-section loft ladder with a slidable lower section. Its structure resembles that of folding loft ladders.

Price from: 163.92 €
Wooden loft ladders LWK Komfort
Code: SKU#1295594210

The LWK Komfort Loft Ladder is a premium quality folding 3-4-section Loft Ladder.It is equipped with an aesthetically finished insulated hatch in white and accessories enabling comfortable loft ladder usage as standard – stile ends and handrail. Steps protrude form the stringers facilitating climbing the ladder.

Price from: 148.86 €
Wooden loft ladder LWL Lux
Code: SKU#1295595127

The LWL Lux Loft Ladder for greater safety and user comfort has been equipped with an additional handrail, mounted onto the middle section

Price from: 183.91 €
Wooden loft ladder LTK Thermo
Code: SKU#1295596221

The LTK Thermo Loft Ladder is a highly insulated ladder intended for buildings with significant temperature differences between the living areas and non-habitable spaces in the loft.

Price from: 202.73 €