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Scissors loft ladders

LST scissors loft ladder with heat-insulating hatch
Code: SKU#1295603800

The LST Loft Ladder is a Scissors Loft Ladder equipped with a 3.6cm thick white insulated hatch as standard.

Price from: 240.38 €
Scissors loft ladder LSZ
Code: SKU#1295605378

The LSZ Loft Ladder structure is the same as the LST model except for the box structure which consists of a metal framework integrated with wooden box and quickinstallation bracket.

Price from: 300.34 €
LSF metal scissors loft ladders
Code: SKU#1295605805

The LSF Fire-Resistant Loft Ladder acts as a blaze block in case of fire inside the building preventing the smoke from entering the fire-free storey, thus providing additional precious time for the fire services to arrive in the event of emergency.

Price from: 456.44 €