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Loft ladder accessories

Loft balustrade LXB
Code: SKU#1295602693

The pinewood loft balustrade makes it easier to climb down the ladder. It is mounted to the ladder casing. Additional metal flat-bars mounted on the entrance side strengthen the construction.

49.53 €
Stile ends LXS
Code: SKU#1295602815
4.05 €
Installation brackets LXK
Code: SKU#1295602889

Installation brackets facilitate Loft Ladder installation in the ceiling. Installed in the corners of the box, they add to its overall rigidity ensuring equal lengths of diagonals.

20.00 €
Upper hatch LXW
Code: SKU#1295602987

The upper hatch prevents attic dust from accumulating on the hatch and steps of the closed ladder.

167.00 €
Lining LXL
Code: SKU#1295603148

Lining is designed to finish the installation of the loft ladder and to cover gaps in the ceiling which remain after the fitting process.

17.00 €
Handrail LXH
Code: SKU#1295603321

The metal handrail makes climbing the ladder easier, hence increasing user comfort and safety.

22.00 €