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Escape window FWL

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  • Manufactured from pine wood, vacuum impregnated, with two coats of clear acrylic lacquer.
  • Handle positioned halfway up the sash for ease of opening.
  • Suitable for roofs with pitches between 15° and 55°.
  • Requires special flashings ESW, EZW, EH W and ELW(Note: flashings for pivoting windows are not suitable for escape windows).
  • Comes with templates to facilitate installation.
  • Wide range of accessories available, similar to that available for roof windows.



The FW thermally insulated escape window is side-hung and therefore side-opening. Once unlocked, the sash can be opened to 90°. A gas piston, fitted in the top part of the window makes opening easier, holds the sash stable when opened and prevents it slamming shut accidentally. The escape window is available in two versions, right opening FWR U3 or left opening FWL U3

Note: View from the outside to determine whether a right or left opening window is required.
The large size of the escape window enables safe and easy access to the roof. These windows are recommended for all heated rooms.

Also available in conservation style.


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Escape window FWL
Price from: 298.60 €